For the Boy

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People called them  “child of star”becase everyone of them are loneliness as each star is isolated .They are with autism . They don’t care about  people around them ,but at the same time their nervous system receive so much stimulate that they sometimes can’t bear  it ,while this time we find them want to escape from some situation.

They are extremely sensitive to everyting around themself :they can smell the least smell ,they can hear very light sound , beside this ,they feel things different to us ,they maybe more attention to detail and lines .and sometimes they fascinated to things that are very simple .

Some friends of mine said that my job is just like a nurse , I can do nothing about this ,but I still do my best as a teacher for language ,maybe it will change my whole life ,maybe the year I am with him do no good to his language ,but it’s my belife ,even just for now.

I love this boy , his heart is so pour and so lonely .maybe for this ,my life in the fature become difficult and I become more confused , I know something that I never think about , and it leads me to believe something ordinary are happy for us.

And it deserves.

October 30 is his birthday .

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